About Me

Hi! Welcome to my homepage.

I’m 33 years old circus artist from Finland.
My main discipline is Handbalance and Cigarbox juggling. I graduated 2015 in circus artist education from Koulutuskeskus Salpaus, Lahti, Finland.

I was born in summer 1986 and was fifth children to my parents. I spent my childhood in little town in northern Finland and my parents had small farm where I was raised.

I went trough basic schools and latest a high school.
After school years I worked 7 years and managed to do many different jobs ( construction worker, cleaner, salesman, audiovisual/light guy, waiter, bartender etc.) And nothing them didn’t feel right in my heart. I did it you know just to earn money and cause didn’t have any glue what I want to do when I’m big…
Circus came in my life in autumn 2011, when my brother and his wife convince me to go and try circus lessons in Kuopion circus. Something in circus was really hooking. It was hard whatever I tried but look so easy when teacher show stuff. I’m lucky to be alive after my first acrobatic lessons. Circus started to be the thing I wanted to do more and more. It felt and still feels a lifetime challenge. Then after a while I saw a few professional shows and then it hit me like an arrow. I saw myself there. ”that’s the place I want to be and want to do!!!” I shouted during one handstand act inside my head.
After that I  started working hard. After a 8 months of nonstop training I did my leap of faith and tried to apply in circus education school. I was scared when I got the invitation to the audition of circus school in Lahti cause I still felt that I can’t do nothing and I really wasn’t good at all in circus. But I went auditions in Lahti and that was it, I got in and sure I was confused and of course scared how to do this as a job after school and etc. School time went fast and it was the best school I have ever been.
After all during the school I realized really fast that this circus is meant for me. After 3 years of training and training in school I managed to graduate from there and I’ve been done circus as my job now over three years and haven’t never regret that choice to step in magical and awesome world of circus.

My passion is to perform and to be on stage.  I felt that already in my childhood but didn’t know how or what it is.
I love to entertain audience and to give them good experiences, amuse and amaze all the people. And of course a part of myself through the physical way of circus.

In my pages you find my upcoming gigs/shows, Pictures, my Work (what I’ve done), Links to my other pages and videos and contact info. You can leave me a message and feedback if you want. Welcome to my page and have a fun, hope you’ll find something interesting.