Circus artist Jukka-Pekka Matero

Hi! Welcome to my homepage.
I’m 33 years old circus artist from Finland. My main discipline is Handstanding and Cigarbox juggling. I graduated 2015 in circus artist education from Koulutuskeskus Salpaus, Lahti, Finland.
Circus came in my life in autumn 2011, when my brother and his wife convince me to go and try circus lessons in Kuopion circus. After that I did fall in love to circus and started working hard. After a while I apply in circus education in Lahti. I realized really fast that this thing (circus) is meant for me.

My passion is to perform and to be on stage, it’s been like that from the childhood. I love to entertain audience and to give them good experiences and part of myself through the physical way of circus.

In my pages you find  more about me and my upcoming gigs/shows, Pictures, my Work (what I’ve done), Links to my other pages and videos and contact info. You can leave me a message and feedback if you want. Welcome to my page and have a fun, hope you’ll find something interesting.


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